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Watched Currently Watching 1 Unread Message

Episode 1 1 Unread Message

After a visit to the hospital, Smooch carries on business as usual. Geo gets hot and heavy with Aaron before he ruins the mood. Hemi goes on a drunk hikoi.

Watched Currently Watching Finding Hemi

Episode 2Finding Hemi

Smooch and Geo are searching for Hemi when Smooch receives worrying news about her sister Felicia. Hemi finds a new friend.

Watched Currently Watching Goat

Episode 3Goat

Tensions rise as Smooch keeps secrets from Geo. Hemi welcomes his Māori goat to Te Pā.

Watched Currently Watching Face Time

Episode 4Face Time

Maru informs Smooch about Felicia’s debt to the gang. Geo organises to meetup with Aaron.

Watched Currently Watching Birthday Cake

Episode 5Birthday Cake

The party comes to Te Pā, causing more drama between Smooch and Geo. Hemi tries to play peacemaker as they celebrate Rā’s birthday.

Watched Currently Watching Hi Felicia

Episode 6Hi Felicia

Felicia is shocked when Smooch comes to collect. Geo stresses about university and reveals her true feelings about law.

Watched Currently Watching Where is the Love

Episode 7Where is the Love

Smooch and Geo discuss love and lust. Hemi is inspired to post a whakaaro of the day which catches the attention of one of his followers.

Watched Currently Watching Beet It

Episode 8Beet It

Aaron dupes Smooch, creating a rift between her and Geo. Hemi receives a surprise visit from his follower Chantelle - and her bulldog.

Watched Currently Watching Riding in Cars with Boys

Episode 9Riding in Cars with Boys

Smooch and Hemi see a worrying post on Geo’s snapchat. Geo has a close call with Aaron and his mates.

Watched Currently Watching Netflix & Chill

Episode 10Netflix & Chill

Geo is still reeling from the incident in the car. Hemi is shocked to see that Chantelle has launched an online attack against him.

Watched Currently Watching Sweat

Episode 11Sweat

Hemi is finding it hard to deal with cyberbullying. Geo joins Tipene’s gym and is encouraged to learn mau rakau.

Watched Currently Watching Bad Reputation

Episode 12Bad Reputation

Smooch’s reputation on the streets is screwed. Geo finds mau rākau challenging.

Watched Currently Watching Bye Felicia

Episode 13Bye Felicia

Hemi deactivates his Hemisphere page. Geo pays Chantelle a visit. Smooch walks out on Felicia, sparking a heated argument with Maru.

Watched Currently Watching Turn the Engine Off

Episode 14Turn the Engine Off

Smooch has a change of heart with Felicia. Geo inspires Hemi to reactivate his page. Chantelle visits Te Pā with a peace offering.

Watched Currently Watching Breathe

Episode 15Breathe

Hemi turns to social media to get a date with Chantelle. Geo and Tipene go for a run together.

Watched Currently Watching Setting the Mood

Episode 16Setting the Mood

Hemi’s dream date with Chantelle starts to go downhill when Geo gets distracted. Smooch tries to save the day.

Watched Currently Watching Love is a Battlefield

Episode 17Love is a Battlefield

Hemi’s date goes from bad to worse when Hemi tries to take it slow. Geo finds a supportive confidant in Tipene.

Watched Currently Watching Aunty Awhi

Episode 18Aunty Awhi

Smooch learns some home truths when she’s tricked into driving Aunty Awhi around town.

Watched Currently Watching Putipiti Kaneihana E

Episode 19Putipiti Kaneihana E

Chantelle opens up to Smooch about her insecurities. Geo makes a fresh start.

Watched Currently Watching Commitment

Episode 20Commitment

Geo is finding it hard to juggle her commitments. Hemi and Chantelle discuss the disaster date and come to an understanding.

Watched Currently Watching Boil Up

Episode 21Boil Up

Friction builds between Smooch and Chantelle over an awkward dinner at Te Pā.

Watched Currently Watching Making Up

Episode 22Making Up

Smooch is under pressure from Maru and the gang. Chantelle causes uproar in Te Pā when she’s caught wearing Ra’s memorial t-shirt.

Watched Currently Watching Running from Trouble

Episode 23Running from Trouble

Hemi and Chantelle bond over a walk up te maunga. Smooch confides in Rā the truth of how she’s feeling.

Watched Currently Watching The Calm Before the Storm

Episode 24The Calm Before the Storm

Chantelle invites Smooch, Hemi and Geo to her apartment for pre-drinks in an attempt to start over. Geo is surprised when Tipene joins the party.

Watched Currently Watching Trouble in the City

Episode 25Trouble in the City

Geo and Tipene have an argument at the club. Smooch’s temper flares at Chantelle, leaving Hemi stuck in the middle.