Here's the deal It's a little shady, and a whole lotta hustle.

Ahikāroa - Season 3 - share the dramas!

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Watched Currently Watching 01 Gang Gang Gamore

Season301 Gang Gang Gamore

#TeamSmaru is looking grim as Maru’s struggling to realise there’s no ‘Gang’ in ‘Team’. Hemi is feeling like a lost goat. And Geo is trying to clean up Tipene’s mess; yet amidst the chaos, her and Kid still find their fortitude and party like it’s 1999!

Watched Currently Watching 02 Party Like Te Pā

Season302 Party Like Te Pā

Maru visits Amos in hospital to find him in a bad way. Aunty Awhi is hiding something. And the Te Pa crew come together to breathe and grieve.

Watched Currently Watching 03 Running Away

Season303 Running Away

Hemi and Kid go bush when Hemi decides to try and find his mana, but the bush has other ideas. Maru mourns Amos’s passing. And Smooch walks in to an unwanted guest.

Watched Currently Watching 04 Snapped

Season304 Snapped

Things have sparked up again between Smooch and Maru but shh, keep it on the down low. Hemi finds his calling. Scamming, scheming ‘Krystal' is at it again but Smooch is hot on her heels!

Watched Currently Watching 05 Mahuta Obstructions

Season305 Mahuta Obstructions

Hemi is riled up and ready to take on Mahuta Constructions. Kid is doing his best to help out his wayward sister. And things are getting hot and heavy between Smooch and Maru.

Watched Currently Watching 06 Protector of Papatūānuku

Season306 Protector of Papatūānuku

Undercover Brother protecting his Earth Mother, Hemi has a plan or two to upset the workers at Mahutua Construction. Team Smaru are making nice, and Kid opens the door to a new tenant.

Watched Currently Watching 07 Welcome Party

Season307 Welcome Party

Hemi is set on deciphering the Mahuta mystery, but is it safe? Smooch is made an offer. A friendship is reconciled. And someone is at the door, who could it be?

Watched Currently Watching 08 Dirty Panties

Season308 Dirty Panties

Tempers rage when Chantelle hits ‘Krystal’ up, but ya girl always finds a way to get herself off the hook. Emotions escalate when Hemi and Chantelle come face to face after a long time. And Smooch has her first day on the job!