Season 236 Ngāti Who?

Hemi is torn when he finds out some shocking news in regards to the protest. Rehutai finds help from an unlikely source. And Geo finds herself in an awkward situation.

37 The Water and The Stone

Next Up / Episode 5737 The Water and The Stone

Girlie has some nice, whanau plans for the gang but Maru has his eye on her. Chantelle is on a mission to cheer up Kid, and ends up cheerful herself. The protest is in full swing but Kid sees beyond the rarus on the surface…

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Kati te āritarita, noho mai ki konei

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Upsize Ur Reo

Kati te āritarita, noho mai ki konei 

Stop being a drama queen and stay.

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Kid and Krystal Street Styles 3

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