Season 517 Mean Mahi

Geo and Ariki continue to grow closer under Mariana's watchful eye. Uru is in hospital with Thomas, hurt by Hiwa's betrayal. Hemi is determined to look after everyone at Te Pā as he looks for a better job. Kid and Kuīni have their photo shoot, they decide to make a statement.

18 Raru

Next Up / Episode 13818 Raru

Tensions come to a head in the season finale. Haki is trying to win over Mariana and make up for his mistakes. Kid finally knows what he wants. Thomas and Uru have a plan to stop Te Mana Nui and right the wrongs of the past.

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Mō taku hē, matua.

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Upsize Ur Reo

Mō taku hē, matua.

My apologies boss.

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