Season 03 Bad Rep

(AO) Geo is still reeling from the incident in the car. Hemi is finding it hard to deal with cyberbullying. Geo joins Tipene’s gym and is encouraged to learn mau rakau. Smooch’s reputation on the streets is screwed. Geo finds mau rākau challenging.

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(AO) Hemi turns to social media to get a date with Chantelle. Geo and Tipene go for a run together. Smooch tries to save the day. Geo finds a supportive confidant in Tipene.

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Smooch'sPhrase of the day

Kua paru taku ingoa

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Upsize Ur Reo

Kua paru taku ingoa

My reputation is screwed

Episode Goodies

Geo's Spotify Playlist

Jams to get ya bumpin and grindin


Best Friends Forever

One of these things ain't like the other one or are they?


Laxin' out

This is how you dos it eh Geo…

No Glow Queen

That pout - you go gurl!


Hemi's POTD

That's what you get for stinking up the whole house

Hemi's Spotify Playlist

Whack on your headphones and get on Hemi’s buzz with these chill vibes - jah man!

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