Season 04 500 Likes

(AO) Hemi turns to social media to get a date with Chantelle. Geo and Tipene go for a run together. Smooch tries to save the day. Geo finds a supportive confidant in Tipene.

05 Make a Stand!

Next Up / Episode 505 Make a Stand!

(AO) Chantelle opens up to Smooch about her insecurities. Geo is finding it hard to juggle her commitments. Hemi and Chantelle discuss the disaster date and come to an understanding.

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Hemi'sPhrase of the day

E hia te roa ka maoa?

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Upsize Ur Reo

E hia te roa ka maoa?

Um how far away is dinner?

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Hemi's Street Style

Hemi’s about dressing it down with a bit of flavour. Digging these mad threads.


Eggplant diet

This tips for the ladies.. Holds good source of protein, vitamin C, B6, Magnesium, Iron, Potassium and natural sugars. 5 plus a day keeps the Doctor away #teepstips

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Mo Money Mo Problems

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