Season 107 Scheme Queen

Hemi gets creative when he tries to resolve things with Chantelle. Smooch finds out some information which changes everything. Maru offers Smooch a confronting solution to her debt.

08 Tonight is the Night

Next Up / Episode 808 Tonight is the Night

Maru and the gang are on their way to Chantelle’s apartment when Smooch starts to have second thoughts. Temperatures rise between Hemi and Chantelle. Smooch confronts Maru and is met by a dark new figure.

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Town Ready

VIP booths and Veuve Clicquot for this boojee queen!

Too Much Sauce for TePa

Werk it out son! Fiyahhhh!

Single Pringle

Who’s this handsome fullah-bei?


Royal and Loyal

Smooch our rangatira

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