Season 120 Moe Mai Rā

Amos shows up at Felicia’s tangi, causing upset and confusion for her grieving sister, Smooch. Te Pā is thrown into chaos when Smooch’s biggest secret gets leaked online for everyone to see - including Geo and Hemi.

01 Make up or break up

Next Up / Episode 2101 Make up or break up

And they're back! Geo is feeling the heat from all sides as she struggles to come to terms with what Smooch has done. Chantelle is fueled by pressure to know her Māoritanga and loses her cool.

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I wareware i a au kei te whai wāhi mai koe.

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Upsize Ur Reo

I wareware i a au kei te whai wāhi mai koe.

I’m sorry. I forgot you were in this relationship too.

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Geo had Tipene sweating!

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